Friday, June 21, 2013

The Beginning and THEN Some...

I started my mission papers in September of 2012 with very little incentive to finish them while attending BYU-Idaho due to the fact that I would only turn nineteen at around the time that I would be returning home in April of the following year. General Conference came and passed that October with the announcement of the missionary age change and I called my parents shortly after. We came to the consensus that with little progress on my papers and with my housing contract still signed and on the records for the winter semester, I should attend school and get a year of school secured under my belt.

Yes, the months following that October conference were full of several friends of mine (primarily of the female gender) that decided to begin, finish, and submit their paperwork all within the matter of what seemed like days...

Shortly following my fall semester, I had a roommate that left school to pursue a young woman that had "caught the wave" of missionary work and was quickly submitting her paper-work. To both of their families' surprise, he caught her just in time and proposed before she had made her decision to serve final-- a picture of the temple in her "mission call" sure made an exciting and unexpected announcement. In addition, I also had the sad experience of hearing about a former roommate who had been left by a girl who had decided that serving the Lord was a greater priority than marrying him-- AFTER he had proposed to her and she accepted. While I do not stand to judge either of their decisions, I sure do wish him luck in coping with the surprise. 

By winter semester, I lit a fire and made sure to keep it lit until my papers were submitted. I made time to get the last few provisions taken care of and had everything done: shots, physicals, records transferred; etc. and even had a meeting with a member of the YSA 7th Stake presidency scheduled for the week after April conference which I attended and wholly enjoyed. Somehow, I thought that my paperwork would be submitted shortly thereafter but apparently the Lord had another plan. The week after conference, I met with my bishop who asked me if my wisdom teeth had been removed. I hardly even had to think about the question. Of course my wisdom teeth had been removed. Who could forget the horrible pain that followed? I answered him by saying that they had been to which he informed me that my dentist back in Augusta had mistakenly marked that I indeed had not had my wisdom teeth removed. Following the meeting, I quickly contacted my parents and my dad came to the rescue and was able to have my dentist in Augusta fax my bishop the updated and corrected paperwork. 

It would seem that at this point, all was smooth sailing, however, somehow along the digital sea of paperwork, I had neglected one thing. My meeting with a member of the stake presidency was scheduled and I had allocated the time necessary to meet with him and finally submit my paperwork- even though it was finals week and the final week that interviews were to be conducted. I had gotten dressed in my Sunday best and went to a friend's apartment for dinner. While I was there, I received a call from my bishop explaining my fatal mistake. I had somehow neglected to properly submit my paperwork and my bishop said that at this point, I would have to just finish my paperwork when I got home. 

After returning home, things didn't get any easier. It took about a full month from the time I got home again to the time I finally had all of the paperwork transferred over and then turned in --but I had done it! My papers were finally in!

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